Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a Wood Fence vs. a Vinyl Fence?
Wood Products are the largest natural renewable resource available. It takes a tremendous amount of fossil fuel to produce vinyl fence. Wood fencing is substantially stronger, easy to install, and more cost effective.

Where does the wood come from?
All the wood we process is Lodgepole Pine from thinning and watershed improvement projects. We primarily get this wood from Eastern Oregon and Central Idaho.

What is the wood treated with? What is the process?
The wood is put into a pressure tube, where the preserving chemical is forced through the entire piece of wood. The primary chemical used is ACQ or NatureWood, manufactured by Osmose, which is an arsenic-free chemical.

How long will the wood/treating last?
The life expectancy is 25 + years. See more details in Wood Preserving.

Is it easy to install?
It is extremely easy to install. 80% of product sold is installed by the homeowner. Check out the Installation Tips.

Do you need to concrete the posts in the ground?
We don't recommend concreting posts, unless you have real sandy soil. Concrete drives the cost of the project up. For some situations, you can use gravel or road mix to allow for drainage.

Can you paint/stain a wood fence?
Yes, you can stain a wood fence. We recommend looking for a high pigment stain. However, we don't advise painting wood, as it will eventually chip.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we deliver. The Delivery charge will depend on the location.