Doweled Fencing

Our doweled fencing comes in 2 rail, 3 rail and 4 rail configurations. The 2 rail is offered with a domed or rounded top for a more ornate and decorative look.The line posts are 5' tall and 5.5" in diameter...


Building Utility Poles

We produce many different sizes and lengths of building posts and utility poles for various applications. From 2" diameter tree stakes to 10" diameter accent logs for porches ...


Nail on Rail

The nail on rail is a great fence for strength and durability. If you are crowding animals against the fence or needing an area to work livestock, the nail on rail might be a good choice ...


Split Cedar

Our cedar is a classic western look in 2 or 3 rail configurations. The 2 rail posts are 5'4" tall and the 3 rail posts are 6'6" tall. The rails come in 8' and 10' lengths and can easily be trimmed ...


Buck Fences

The buck fence or Jack Leg is sold with the bark on, peeled and peeled and treated. We usually space the bucks every 11' and use 12' rails. We pre-notch the bucks...


"You're going to find that we have a great product because we control the entire product flow, we control the quality, having a treat plant onsite means that the wood is not getting handled like other places would."

Mike Sterling, Owner

"Our customers are the walk-in person, they're word-of-mouth referrals, we do a lot with farmers-ranchers who are doing large fence projects or feedbunks, down to the individual driving in with his pickup truck."

Tom Carr, Sales

"I've lived in Parma all of my life, it's a small, hometown community with a lot of good people. We care about quality, because we see many of our customers day after day. That's what Parma Post and Pole is about."

Kenny Pennington, Operations

Workingsince 1982

Thank you for visiting our web site and considering our products. We really appreciate it! We started in 1982 with my dad and one employee and now, 30 years later, we are shipping wood all over the US.Our goal remains the same: produce a quality product! We do not have an outside sales force, we do not have multiple locations, we do not think bigger is better and we do not have a company jet!

Neighbors talk to neighbors, ranchers to ranchers and farmers to farmers. If you satisfy a customer's requirements with quality, value and great service they will tell others about the experience. Admittedly, we have stubbed our toes and fallen down. But, like all small businesses, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and learn from mistakes. Don't think your order is too small, too large, too complicated or too far away for us to handle, because we can and do every day.

Take a look at our new site, offer us comments or suggestions and give us a call.

Mike Sterling and Crew

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Parma Post & Pole provides Idaho and the Western United States high quality lumber, poles, and chemically treated wood. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing which fencing products best suit yours needs. If you have any questions, feel free to call us or fill out our contact form below.

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